Wednesday, March 28, 2007

and it's all in my head

I'm bummed out right now. I have to make some choices that are gonna be super hard & I don't really wanna make any of them. I'm not sure that any of the answers I have come up with are the right ones either or they seem like the right ones but they don't work out. Ahhhh adult hood!

Give up New York or stick it out here a little longer?! the bus isn't much help & besides i prefer the train anyways.

the good thing about today is ...
I did about 10 full make-overs, all successful, & all making me wish for more faces to beautify! & Joanne said I couldn't handle New York, pff! (maybe the right answer is i need to be with an artistry line expect trish : P)


hampton said...

i like the bus because they don't have the overhead lights at night. but that's just me.

bekah said...

Thats a very good point! Hampton you always think beyond what I think! haha & that is true in so many ways!