Friday, March 02, 2007

It's time for something new.

I'm starting all over in the world of online journaling and I am hoping to make this a fun creative release unlike all the other blog/myspace/livejournal/xanga I've ever had! ( bare with me )

So, where to begin! Alot has happened ...

Pete & I are engaged! He popped the question oh so romantically in Pete "Style" on Christmas Eve 2006 and it was a beautiful thing. We are getting married on September 7th, 2007 in Texas & I'm enjoying every minute of planning. ( well almost every minute : ) ) My Mama came up from Texas a few weeks ago and it was so refreshing and wonderful to have her here. We went dress shopping and found the perfect dress! The moment it zipped up I was ready to walk down the aisle and that's when I knew this was "the dress". It is so surreal to have a dress, a date, and a ring! I have most of the big things picked, & now I'm just having fun looking at all the little things like favors & flowers, there really isn't a lot I have to decide on right now so I am taking my time and not stressing myself out. We're truly so excited and totally in love it almost makes me sick!

Secondly I quit Bath & Body Works and found myself in a little bit of a loss. It was totally a spur of the moment thing and I vow never to do that again even if I am losing my mind like I was there. But in the end it worked out wonderfully because it gave me time to finish up all the hours I was missing for school and able to be more available for interviews. I finally graduated school on February 5th! What a relief it is to be out of school but I have to say I miss all my new found friends. It's hard just saying goodbye to people you saw day in and day out just like that, one moment you're there and the next "hey I'm graduated!" it was quite strange. But none the less I'm glad to be out of there and on the road to full time employment ...

Which brings me to my next big thing, I am now a full-time Beauty Consultant for Shiseido Cosmetics and I received my first paycheck today! ( what a great feeling that is! ) Not only do I have a full-time job but I work in Manhatten! How fabulous is that?! You can't get any better than that! It's all still alittle overwhelming but I feel like I'm adjusting accordingly and starting to figure out what I really want. I am ready for a career and I feel like Shiseido just might be the place for me. There is alot that I need to learn and alot that I need take hold of but I suppose that is just life for you. This job is truly teaching me to trust in myself and who I am.

Well, I feel like that is a sufficient update on my life and I'm sure that most of you that would/will read this already new all these things and this is really more for my benefit than anyone else, but it feels nice to get it out on virtual paper ... ( next time a picture post. )


hampton said...

yup, i already knew these things =)

dude, i love ya, but you're killing me!!

their ideal neighborhood said...

it's 9:15 am.
i have to leave for work in 10 minutes.

i just happened to be looking at my lj friends page, only to discover your blogspot!

i have not yet read this entry --
but, i mean to when i return home this evening.

i just wanted to let you know how excited i am that you are a fellow blogger!