Thursday, April 19, 2007

shakin' my bones, put me back in my place

We got a place! A lovely one bedroom apartment where the fit it just right. Our move in date is June 10th, & even though I was some what disappointed with the wait, the move is gonna go alot smoother. I can't wait!

Believe it or not, I still have not sent out our "save the dates" BUT I will be mailing those bad boys out tomorrow because I am finishing them tonight! ( i promised myself )

& some wedding stuff ...

I would love for my cake to look like this! Now I just need to find a picture for the groom's cake brownies!

I really love this mantilla. (don't worry pete won't see : ) )

These I think will be my invitations, instead of the black ribbon I might do an ivory ribbon or even a pretty band of lace to pull in my dress and mantilla

I love the orchids, I see candles everywhere and perfectly placed orchids!

I am having so much fun!


jendarrah said...

i love you. and miss you. and love seeing your wedding plans come together!!!!! you are so dear to me.

hampton said...

lovely lovely!! but no more cupcake pics, they make me so hungry!!

Ashley said...

o wow! i love love love weddings!

I received the save the date card! SO dang creative and cute!

Hope you are doing well!!!!