Tuesday, July 17, 2007

wam! bam! thank you ma'am!

I got the job! For Smashbox Cosmetics! I wasn't even really expecting to get the job and then the more I interviewed for it the more I wanted it. Everyone around me is just as excited as I am and I have a feeling this is right where I need to be.

The wedding invitations aren't turning out like I expected but I figure they will do. It's just paper at the end of the day, right?! ( or at least thats what I keep trying to tell myself ) Maybe the programs will do better for my imagination.

Things are coming along even if I feel some what overwhelmed. I don't want the process to be done and over with but I am just ready for the day to be here and enjoy seeing all our friends and family.

Texas is in 4 days! Vacation time is needed and well deserved.

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hampton said...

texas is TOMORROW, bitch!!! i can't wait to see you guys!