Friday, February 15, 2008

retaliate first!

this might sound weird, but bare with me.

things are always changing, whether i initiate it or not, things are always changing.

there is something that i want & i know, i just know it would be perfect for me. but time is moving right along & i have yet to get that thing i want. patiences is not a virtue of mine & the waiting game is really starting to wear me out. but i push forward knowing that it's bound to happen, no matter the out come. sorry to be vague, but i share so much of myself on a daily basic, i feel the need to attempt to be mysterious even if the only people that read this already know : )

my mind is always wondering and always thinking. i'm finding right now that i need to focus on the things i am learning, and how i am going to use these new "skills" in my ever changing life.

1. i talk to much, i let to much be known, & it always comes back to me. 9 times outta 10, it is not intentional.
2. i don't value the present as much as i should. i spend too much time wondering and worrying about the things to come that is stalls me to take care of today.
3. i do not give myself the credit,when credit is due & often have a pity party for myself.

it's amazing to me how we come to these conculsions, because all mine took was one make-up application & one great phone conversation with a lovely customer. i am good at what i do, and even though i might never be the best, i am here to learn & enjoy. and i must remember that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

i know this more than likely doesn't make sense but it feels good to let it out & share it. ( thank heaven for blogs! )

i've been watching a large amount of youtube, and it has been the quite the inspiration for me lately. i need to let my creativity flow and let all of my thoughts, worries, and wonders go into what ever i do. whether it be make up, decorating our house, cooking, or just putting pictures in frames, i need to let it all out and know i am just as good as the people i admire!

.......... !

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