Tuesday, April 08, 2008

talking like turnstiles

hampdawg tagged me to share 7 random facts about myself, so for all 3 of you that read my blog here ya go : )

1. i seriously love milk. i actually get thirsty for it. i feel that a big plate of spaghetti with meat sauce & a nice tall cold glass of milk is perfection! 1% please! no skim!

2. i struggle with low self-esteem. most people i meet and that i don't have a deeply intense relationship with would never know it but it is true. i question about everything i do and really get upset about what people think about me. alot of times it hinders me from doing what i really want to do & warps my reality on certain situations. i know it is lame and i feel that as i grow older it has gotten better but i still struggle with it.

3. i've never been the homesick type but i really do miss my folks and friends back in texas. i love pete & jersey but texas will always be home!

4. i say motherfucker probably more than i should & generally people jump on the bandwagon when they are around me. haha, i'm such a good influence : )

5. i love the food network, when i turn the tv on i always go to channel 29! and before there was a food network i use to LOVE watching the cooking shows on the discovery channel during the day, whether i skipped school or during summer break : ) ... i feel that it has paid off because my cooking skills have improved so much!

6. in high school, every saturday night i would stay up late and watch g-rock on TBN ( the lady with the big purple hair, i wonder if that channel is still exist?! we don't get it on the east coast) ... i was cool in high school haha : )

7. i don't bite my nails, i actually break them. i bend them until they crack and then i rip them off ... eww! it sounds alot more gross then it really is but i do it when i am bored or nervous. when i get a manicure it isn't has bad but i can't afford them on a weekly basis! even though i probably should because of my job. maybe i will re-work the budget : )

there you go! i really don't have anyone to tag : ( but i will try and come back to it!

ps. got a new job! actually 2 new jobs! one as a photography consultant for bella pictures, so if you or someone you know need wedding photography, let me know! and the second, i am now a mac make-up artist! need your make-up done?! call me! nice plug

that is all ...


hampton said...


i love you, motherfucker! i literally laughed out loud at that. miss you!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where...and when I started saying mother fucker so much....now I know! LOL

Seriously - if you want some Bosco for that milk let me know - I got the hook up - Shawn works for them - the organic Alaska they make is addicting!

Also - I hears ya on the FoodTV - it's on all the time for me!