Wednesday, May 28, 2008

yes, but its not so bad

so it has been quite sometime & to be honest the only reason i can give for the delay is the fact that i just haven't been in the mood to blog. but i do enjoy reading my friend's blogs!

since my last post, pete & i lost our kitty max : ( you would have thought we lost a child. i know that to some it might seem silly but max was amazing & truly the 4 of us were & are a family. max had a rare feline disease called F.I.P., basically his body was producing a toxic fluid that just built up & his body could no longer fight it off.
you had never met a more chill, cool cat. he was a great opposite for fritz, & they got along just like brothers. we got max right after we got married & we never thought that he wouldn't make it through our first year & just be 2 yrs old but i would never change anything about adopting max, i just wish he was still here.

fritz at first wasn't himself without his buddy but now he seems to be doing alright & being the normal crazy fritz! we have talked and even looked for a new kitty friend for fritz but we need to make sure that fritz isn't infected with F.I.P. because i couldn't bare to keep losing our kitties. the disease is extremely rare but we would rather be safe than sorry. he has is yearly check up in a few weeks, we'll find out then.

love & miss you, max

things have been nice (besides max of course) & moving right along. we signed on to our lease for another year and we are thinking of maybe purchasing a home in the next 2 years, thinking ... i feel like pete & i are getting to a point in our relationship/marriage where we have worked through some of the more major kinks and learned how to communicate with each other in a positive way to address the kinks and make a change. i know that it will never be perfect, but learning how to fight is kinda fun, and definitely eye opening for the 2 of us.

work is nice. i really love doing alot of make up and learning from the amazing artist that i am surrounded by everyday. my skill level has improved ten folds in 6 weeks and i can't wait to get better! bella is also going well and i really have been enjoying something extra on the side. there has been a balance issue, but i am figuring that out.

as my ramblings continue ... my body has changed and not in a nice way. the problem is that i know there is a lack of motivation but all i feel is discouraged. dietz was awesome enough to give me his gazelle and i have used it but i really need to use it more! haha i also need to go grocery shopping so we don't keep ordering out. maybe tomorrow!

i know for sure tomorrow that i will be going to grandma b's. pete & i got her cable so she can watch poker and i am super excited for her! she doesn't know it yet & i hope she doesn't get up set haha but i think she will really like it. she had her 83rd birthday last week and we had a nice bbq for her. she is amazing & i feel so blessed to be able to have this relationship we have.
red lips & heels never go outta style.

hmmm, what else?! pete's (or i suppose i could say our) pittsburg pengins are in the stanley cup finals! its been excited to see them get this far but right now they are behind 2-0 in the series. game 3 is on right now and they are up 3 - 2 but there is still alot of hockey to be played! but i am enjoying every step of the adventure!


that is all for now, i really wanna try and keep up on this. i feel it will help to organize my thoughts.


Eileen said...

Max was such a beautiful kitty. I'm sure he filled your heart and home with love.

It's always so hard to see a pet go. I'm so sorry for your loss.

You know where to find me when you are ready for another....we have some really great ones!

I'll have to come see you one of these days at work too! I always loved the way you did my make-up.

We will be pulling out the BBQ soon -(vegan and nonvegan always served at my home because of our friends! :-) So when that happens I'll call ya!

ashley lee... said...

Sorry about Max! :( It sounds like you guys are doing's weird to hear you talk about a life I know nothing about. I miss you! Tell Pete hello, even though we've never met. I'm sure he's great!