Tuesday, September 09, 2008


september 7th has come and gone but it is official, pete and i have been married for one full year! sometimes it is hard to believe that we made it, given some of the hands we have been dealt. but i am glad to be here and to be here with him. we went to the poconos mountains for a couple of days to celebrate and just get away from the daily grind. sometimes i forget how amazing God's creation is, but the reminder was wonderful!

i have tons of pictures to share, and a few other tidbits, but i haven't had the chance to upload the photos and have to work for the next 4 days. but soon, very soon!

here's to one year and infinity more ...


Eileen said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Yep, we are in the "one year club"! LOL

I know what you mean about really being tested that first year. I feel like I lived a lifetime in the blink of an eye.

Seriously - we need to get together!

ashley lee... said...

one year! yay! i never saw pics of the wedding...you were absolutely beautiful. wow! love you and miss you!