Thursday, March 19, 2009

tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock

i know that my come back to the world of blogging should really inform you on the recent goings ons in my life, but i'm not to sure of how to get this started again.

yesterday, while walking the mall (which is really funny for me to do because i work in a mall) pete and i found ourselves looking at phones, specifically the blackberry storm. verizon has that buy one, get one free deal going on, and pete is up for a new phone & really likes the blackberry pearl, so i've been tossing around the idea of getting the storm because, hey its a deal & i'm in love with the idea of having a smartphone. this morning i googled some reviews on the storm, and of course all i get is mixed reviews, people love it, people hate it, and they always compare it to the iphone. well in a perfect world verizon would have the iphone and my life would be complete! as i continued in my search for information on the storm i find out that apparently apple went to verizon first with the iphone and verizon turned it down! what?! what the gay?! i was crushed, because i could have an iphone right now and wouldn't be blogging about this, ugh! anyways, i know that deep down i really want the iphone, & i know that i would love it, so maybe in 2010 (when my agreement is up) i'll switch and get the new iphone that i'm sure will come out by then. but i'm not gonna lie, the BOGO deal is tempting, & at least it could hold me over until 2010.

what do you think?! which would you get?!

last week i finally saw twilight, and loved it! i wanted to read at least the first book before i saw the movie, but that never happened. i still want to read them, and im gonna try to do so before the next movie comes out *crosses fingers* but over all i loved the movie and im excited to see the rest of the series. the only thing i can say i didnt like was the silly faces that bella would make in the beginning of the movie, but that really wasnt a deal breaker for me.

alright, i think that is enough for now, soon i'll update with something more meaningful : )

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