Thursday, April 09, 2009

my only fear, my only hope, is letting go

i just finished mine & pete's taxes for 2008 & we actually owed! so much for thinking, since we filed jointly that we would get something back, booo. i miss the days when you got everything back as a kid, and it was a nice big check you could use to purchase the item of your desire for that year.

finally finished the 2nd book in the twilight saga, new moon. it was very good & made me excited for the movie & to get started on the next book. i need to read more often, even if it just for pleasure because it really does soothes the soul.

one more thing, a girl i work with was talking about how she is excited that her family has finally excepted her and she is enjoying getting to know them. it made me think how often i take for granted that i grew up in a fairly normal situation and always had my families love & support no matter what. since moving to jersey i have gotten the amazing chance to get to know my grandma b better. i never really had the chance to form these sorts of bonds with any of my other grandparents because of distance or they passed before me. but i'm so thankful to have grandma b, and i know she feels the same about me.
i sometimes envy the time she grew up in, (its the whole born in the wrong decade thing) but i'm glad she always so willing to share!

there are a ton more things i want to blog about but the taxes wore me out & now im ready for bed. besides i think short & sweet blogs are better than long drawn out ramblings.

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awesome old picture! love it!