Saturday, October 31, 2009

"I don't know why it is, isn't it obvious to me?"

the first thing i made with my apple pickings was Sticky Spiked Double Apple Cake with a Brown Sugar Brandy Sauce. (whew that's quite the title) although the recipe looks some what difficult i found it fairly easy & i even made a few changes. i didn't use brandy or raisins for the simple fact that i didn't have any. in replace of the brandy i use apple juice & instead of using the dried apple pieces i just made up for it by using the fresh apples i had. either way i think this cake would have turned out just as amazing! i love recipes that you can customize to your preferences and needs.

the cake to me was almost brownie like, it had a crunchy outside with a warm chewy inside. and the sauce was just the icing on the cake. this would be perfectly paired with ice cream or a tall glass of milk. (or both if you choose!) the making of this cake reminded me alot of the texas sheet cake and i bet i could make a brown sugar brandy version of the icing to top this off too.

i can feel my culinary mind expanding!

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