Sunday, October 18, 2009

"where would you go with a lasso?!"

it took me a while to get to posting this, laziness is such a curse! (the truth, it's been stupid busy at work, so i've been some what preoccupied -- hello holiday retail season!)

this past tuesday we had a morning meeting for work & to gear up for the holiday season, so i made some festive apple breakfast granola crisp. it was so easy to make, and quite healthy that it just might become a morning stable for pete & i. i didn't take any pictures like planned but i assure you that these pictures are a ton better than my blackberry could ever take.

i ended up doubling the crispy topping because i had such an over flow of apples, but it was so easy i just might end up using it for all my crisps. i used a good mix of different apples & the taste was amazing. it's not super sweet like a dessert so you feel good about having it for breakfast. the best part is that i made it the night before, popped it in the fridge, and it was ready to go for the morning! this recipe will defiantly because a stable for us!

this week while grocery shopping i won a free turkey! so i've already begun planning out my thanksgiving menu! (can you believe its only a month away?!) this year we are having dinner at our apartment, which will be good for me because i wont have to transport all my stuff to my sister-in-laws house, but i'm nervous for my first true holiday at my place. i'm trying to plan early so i don't get stressed out as time moves closer! have you planned anything for the holidays?! any good family recipes to share?! even though i am nervous, i am excited to get cooking!

lastly, i have some blog love. as you know i follow a TON of blogs of all different sorts. one of my recent favorites has been Le Love. the name pretty much says it all, its all about love! the good, the bad, the heartbreaking, and breathtaking. its such a beautiful blog with some great photos that i find myself always right clicking to save.
i love the header because i think it's so cute. but also i'm so curious about washer/dryer combo on the bottom. (i need one!)

so here is to a great week! be back soon!

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