Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i need to get something off my chest ...

I struggle. I have a battle that is a constant in my life & effects a good portion of it. It frustrates me all the time, and even when I think I've over come it, it always comes back to haunt me.

Procrastination. There I said it. Now you know. I hope this doesn't change your opinion of me, I swear I am trying to break the cycle. I found this article on the subject & even procrastinated reading it! That's when I laughed at myself & realized I had a problem! But today, or tonight I guess, I am here to kick it in the butt & do what I want to do. Time is my friend & I am choosing to use it wisely!

Now what does that mean to you?

Ok, so here is the deal. Hampton (the bff) & I have decided to attempt blogging together. We have talked, IMed, texted, & even registered for a blogspot but I procrastinated on posting over there. Don't ask me why, but I think we have a good thing going & this is a fun way for us to keep up with each other & share our internet finds. (which is alot!)

So head on over to ANAM CARA, which mean "Soul Friend" in Gaelic. I will update here every so often but mostly over there from now on. No worries, you'll love it over there too & I don't want you to miss out on all the goodness!

Now do what you have to, bookmark it, follow either of us on Twitter to get updates, or add it to your RSS Feed, but head on over! My first post is all about those Christmas Cookies!

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Kristin said...

Bekah! How have you been girl? I am coming to NYC this weekend. If you have any free time.. would you like to meet up at all? my yahoo is kristinlynn584 if you want to msg me! or my cell is 317.473.9969. I hope to hear from you soon lady!

hand pecked debb said...


Have a lovely birthday in Pittsburgh and enjoy the city of noms! I hope Crosby scores one for you too.

Rosa said...

THis is Rosaaaa! As in old-school, back-in-the-day, when-we-were-teens, from-livejournal Rosa.

How goes it, Bekah? :D