Thursday, December 03, 2009

"who i am & who i wanna be"

hello?! anyone out there?! y'all still reading?! i can't believe that november has come and gone! there is so much i want & need to share.

so hello decemeber! my my, what a year it has been, but good thing the year isn't over just yet!

it may seem alittle early to start talking about what we are hopeful for in 2010, and i am in no way wishing my life away but i am excited for a fresh start. this year has had many twist and turns, regrets, triumphs, and all that falls in between. i feel like i have learned so much about myself and i am ready to make good on that knowledge.

reading through the many blogs i follow, a common theme for the last week or so has been "what are we thankful for?" & even though it may seem generic to name off the norm, family, friends, faith, and so on, it is all very true for me. i often miss what is right in front of my face & take for granted the amazing things i already have. i've always been a dreamer, never really realistic (at all!) & even though i might come off as very mature, i feel like man?! i am i really an adult?! i am sure this is all something that we go though at one time or another, i guess this is my time.

not sure that all makes sense, but i feel a bit of peacefulness for getting it out. i am happy. i am lucky. and i am blessed. thanks for reading & some super cool stuff coming up soon! xoxo

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Emma Krueger said...

I cant wait to see what you write about! I love reading your blog! Welcome to December!!!!!