Thursday, May 03, 2007

the beauty of the subtext

I have to start getting ready for work but I couldn't help myself & I just had to blog!

Working seven days in a row proofed to be do-able but very tired some.

Divorce is ugly & I hope that will never be me.

We have now obtained a dinette set, plates, a couch, a love seat, and a very long target registry! ( June 10th! here I come!)

I have off the entire weekend! I have a whole list of things to do but I just might forget them all and just hangout with everyone!

be sure to call me when you get in from the station & cry a river home because this place has got no soul kid. - voxtrot


hampton said...

mmm what is june 10?

bekah said...

the day i move in silly : P

hampton said...

i remembered that randomly last night when i was in bed trying to fall asleep. i was like, DUH. june 10.

hampton said...

i'm looking forward to july 2, but that's just me! ;)