Monday, May 07, 2007

we were standing in the kitchen & we looked like hell

Some disappointing news ... the last inch or so on my dress (wedding that is) didn't zip up. Well, at least thats what Grandma Biermann told me. I'm sure it would zip but we didn't want to rip the dress & even if it did I'm sure my dreaded fear of back fat would pop up ... so I figured this is the motivation I need to get my ass in gear! I've needed to be on a strict diet and/or make some serious "life style" changes for a while now but between work, wedding, and now I have my state board exam in 2 weeks, things have been needless to say hektik ( haha, get it?!) So the game is on and I am starting my detox right as we speak! I can't bare the thought of come September and I can't fit in my dress, and as embarrassing as it is to post about it I wanted/needed to get my feelings out. Besides I figure the occasional post would help keep me on track.

At least not all of yesterday was disappointing. Grandma Biermann & I went floral shopping and I got some beautiful peonies, cream roses, and clown roses for my bouquet and I even picked up some very colorful hydrangeas for my lovely bridesmaids! (after careful debate I didn't really like the way orchids looked in a bouquet) Pete's mom is gonna help me put the flowers together and once they are done I'll post some pictures. Among the flowers we purchased lace for my mantilla, ivory ribbon for the wedding invitations, and ivory satin ribbon with pearl accents to bundle the flowers together. It really was alot of fun and I am so glad I got to go with Grandma Biermann. Now I need to speak with Gail the wedding planner, and call the bridal shop to ask some important questions! 4 months from today!

Work today, off tomorrow, must study, study, study, and detox, detox, detox!


jendarrah said...

two words. weight watchers. i've lost 38 lbs. since november.

I love you. i love how happy you are. I wish we could have coffee in manhattan and chat. or dallas. or austin. or oklahoma even....

gena and i are coming to your wedding. no question, we'll be there. I LOVE YOU!

Ashley said...

o how i love the wedding updates!!!!! hope you do well on the exam!

Gail (but you can call me G) said...

Hey Bekah! So sorry to hear about Pete's mom being too ill to fly to Texas, and you having to move the wedding (sad face). But, good for you for being flexible with your plans, because family is the most important thing. But I will miss helping you pull off your big day. Maybe I can help out with the reception here if you end up doing that. Best wishes to both of you!