Sunday, June 10, 2007

i have so much to do, but i must blog!

Well, June 10th has come and in about an hour it will be gone & I did not move today. I am completely bummed as you might guess but I suppose 2 more days won't kill me. Now the move happens on Tuesday, one more day!

Things with the other job did not work out and even though I am some what disappointed, I know better things are on the horizon!

Today was nice though. We saw Ocean's Thirteen (brilliant!), looked at area rugs, found a beautiful kitty cat to adopt (hopefully!) & spent quality time with Grandma B over doilies & french toast. Even though June 10th was not as I pictured, it wasn't a complete loss, but oddly a really pleasant day off.

ps. the sopranos' ?! the last episode leaves alot to the imagination.

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hampton said...

i expect more regular updates now that you have net access at home!!