Friday, August 01, 2008

too much sugar & headaches

i made cupcakes at 11PM last night. i was trying to practice for when i make them for april's engagement party. they didn't turn out quite as i hoped but overall i think its a good start.

i must admit that some of them do look like sunny side up eggs, but practice makes perfect! & besides they taste amazing! you can't go wrong with red velvet & cream cheese icing, yum!

my folks will be here tonight! CORRECTION: i just got off the phone with my mama, & they will be here in an hour! i am super excited to see them and even though i have the worst possible schedule at work, i luckly only have one bella meeting and all day sunday to hangout. i haven't seen them since the wedding and i really miss them, it will be a really well needed visit.

and as if you didn't see enough of fritz ... since we don't have babies yet, he's our baby and we are very proud of him!

off to work!


Eileen said...

The cupcakes look awesome!!! I have a zillion cupcake blogs linked on my blog - lots of great recipies and designs.

Fritz better not eat that ring! That would be a pain to retrieve!

How exciting that your family is here!!! Have a wonderful time with them! Oh and congrats on the promotion (I forgot if I congratulated you or not).

ashley lee... said...

you are beautiful!!!