Sunday, October 05, 2008

if she moves like this, will you move like that?

i have successfully done nothing all day! it was nice for most of the day but now i realize i have alot i want/should've done but now its semi-late and i just want to go to bed : )

we got a new kitten last monday and we are totally in love! originally we wanted an older cat because...
a.) most of the time people want kittens, not old "used" cats, and we feel they deserve a home just as much, if not more!
b.) fritz would take to an older cat better, because he is was best buds with max
c.) max had a very rare virus called FIP and fritz has the starter virus ( no worries, the corona virus is actually really common, its very rare that the corona virus develops into FIP ) and a cat that is at least 3 years old immune system is fully developed and has less of a chance of having the corona virus developing into FIP

well, pete's brother's co-worker's cat had kittens and he asked if we want/would take one, so of course we jumped on a free kitten!

meet syuk! (pronounced zuk)

we thought to name him re-max, haha, after max but felt that it wasn't fair for him to have to live up to who max was and that he deserved his own name. why syuk? well for pavel datsyuk of course! who is a center for the detriot red wings. so now its fritz & syuk, at first fritz was not happy but has warmed up to the little guy and now they like to wake me up in the morning with their running around!

i was alittle worried in the beginning that fritz was gonna hate us but he has returned to his cute loving self and best of all now he has a play mate.

in other ramblings ...
i can not believe it is october and the weather is amazing! wearing a hoodie is one of my top favorite things, seriously.
i am excited for halloween and i am trying to figure out what i want to do/be, any ideas would be kindly taken into consideration ... i am working that night and i want to be creative and fun!
i had a really crazy fun sleepless weekend with my girl april and some new friends (nikki & deandra). why must we live so far apart?!

my mama called me today and i said to her "things are good, nothing is perfect, but things are good" and it felt so nice to have a calm about my life and to have a sense of peace. of course there are things that need improvement but the more i am patitent, and the more i stop comparing, i see movement in the right direction in achieving the goals for myself and with pete.

now if i could only finish the paperwork to register to vote!

oh, i almost forgot that i wanted to share this ...

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