Wednesday, December 17, 2008

keep my feet on the ground

i wish i knew what i wanted to say right now, its 1:30 in the AM and im up.

i've been planning my baking extravaganza for tomorrow and trying to map out the perfect schedule so i can get all i want done, done.

christmas is here and i keep thinking to myself "really?! i cant" but i have enjoyed my table top christmas tree and the pretty lights that keep the living room lit.

went to the dentist today after not going for 11 years. i didn't not go on purpose, it just worked out that way. turns out that the doc recommends that i have all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. i know this is just a part of life and people do this all the time but i've never had surgery, ever and even the minor stuff kinda stresses me out. its also bad timing because i can't really take off from work, but im hoping maybe between christmas and new years, or maybe right after the first of the year i can get it done.

dear hampton,
i can't wait to see you my dear dear friend!
love you xoxo

the bed is calling my name, & tomorrow awaits!


Rosa said...

Hi Bekah!

It's Rosa. I just wanted to say that you were in my thoughts over the holidays and I miss knowing what's going on in your life. I suppose I'll have to start following your blogspot journal now. I still have the mix CD you once sent me. I hope all is well.


Bethani said...

So today I just went back and read all of your blog posts and I must say I have truly enjoyed catching up on you, pete, nyc, ny, mac, fritz, and everything else going on with you these days. The pictures of cupcakes and food are inspiring becasue thats become my little knack in life (kinda considered the culinary institute for awhile) so I enjoy seeing what you have done in way of decorating cupcakes.

miss and love.

hampton said...

time to update, faggot!