Sunday, November 02, 2008

time heals all

today is the one year for the passing of pete's mom. its hard to believe its been a year. this time last year we never thought we would make it, but here we are, doing better than we ever thought. to honor her, we went to the grave of their grandmother and where his mom's ashes will be buried eventually. we cleaned up the weeds, added some mulch and made the area look nice. :)

the cemetery was found in 1776, so as crazy as it sounds we walked around looking for the oldest grave, the oldest we found was 1797. i know it must sound so morbid but there is so much life that is left with these small (or sometimes giant) markers. for me it made me wonder about the lives of all these people and even in the smallest way their life is not forgotten because we saw their name today.

later we had dinner at a great hole in the wall mexican place in pennsylvania and talked about jan and all the things we loved about her. its amazing how something so sad made us laugh today. my dad was right, death never gets easier, you just get use to it but the memories will change and what will remain are the good memories. he was so right because the weeks after her death were so hard and draining but now even though we wish it was different, we talk and laugh about her just like she is here and in a strange way it is comforting.

the emotion of today wasn't like i thought it would be. of course you have feeling of loss but love truly over shadows and brings us through.

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