Monday, May 11, 2009

i just want back in your head

first off, i love my new blog header. i borrowed the picture from foodbeam & the lyric is from the bishop allen song "queen of the rummage sale" ... i think the line is very hopeful & if we just take everything day by day, or stitch by stitch, that it will all work out in the end.

i've become obsessed with reading through all theses delightful blogs that i stubble upon, and it has inspired me to blog more often & share with you (even if its like 3 people that read this) the things i find that make me smile.
since getting married and figuring out how we like to function, i have fallen in love with our tiny kitchen & with cooking & baking. mostly baking because i have a sweet tooth that could rival anyone! i really enjoy making cupcakes for any occasion, & have sorta set myself up at work as the betty crocker of the team. tonight i found this amazing website, i think they really made it for me -- Bake It Pretty --

i showed pete some of these pictures & he had the greatest response, "those are the things you bake them in and then throw away, right?!" haha i could help but laugh because he didn't get it, but as long as he loves to eat my cupcakes, i dont care. i do know that my fellow baker, sean, at work is going to love these!

they also had this cupcake icing kit, & i really wanna try it and see if i can't get better at my presentation. i love the homemade look of just spreading the icing on with a knife, but how great do these cupcakes look! i can already tell that i am going to love the tip with the blue icing.

also, i've been collecting different things over the past couple of months for my friends that are having babies (or have had recently) & i think i found the perfect gift tags! i wish i saw this website 2 years ago when i was buying wedding invitations ( i hated mine!). they have such pretty and elegant prints. i'm excited to wrap up my gifts with these tags -- Linda & Harriett --

i wish i could get married all over again, just so i can have these invitations. (& this time i wouldn't put peter frederick, haha)

it's going to be one of those nights where i stay up all night just futzing around the apartment. hope the downstairs neighbors don't mind ...


katie diana said...

love your header! and now after your post i am totally jonesin' for a cupcake :)

katie diana said...
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lindsay said...

you're cute. i am mailing your bday present THIS WEEKEND and i just want you to know that i bought it well before this blog post. i actually bought it before your birthday. but... you know.

lindsay said...

i am irritated that blogger says my name is 'lindsay' since i changed my email address. i need to fix that.

bekah said...

i will one day get your bday gift our or at least bring it when i come home in sept :)

how did you change your email, i couldnt figure it out for the life of me!

Eileen said...

Love that you used a Tegan and Sara quote!!!!! That ROCKS!!!!! Love them!

Hope you are doing well! I have not been blogging much....or shopping in actual stores or I'd come see you. I just did a huge order - I'm such a product whore!