Sunday, May 03, 2009

it's after noon some where!

is it to early to be thinking about a drink?! it isn't even noon yet! but with cinco de mayo right around the corner and the constant inspiration from hampton, has made me excited to plan alittle get together. the most important part, beeritas & of course dessert, margarita cake (or cupcakes because thats how i roll). i haven't put together the rest of the menu just yet but i'm thinking of some sort of lime chicken & fiesta veggies?! i'll have to get pete to make his macaroni salad. i'm excited to test run some of these recipes today for alittle phase 10 with grandma b.

i bit the bullet and joined la fitness, and i'm happy that i did. when i got into the pool on friday i didn't feel overwhelmed but energized to continue on. so now i'm off to get my swim on!

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