Thursday, April 30, 2009

kate is great!

it's amazing how tape has got me all excited! but i found "happy tape" japanese masking tape that comes in different colors and styles. i think they will work great for making a couple of the photo albums that i have in mind. it's going to be so hard to choose what to get!

kate finally had her baby boy, Lex! i'm so excited for her & i can just tell she is so happy. i can't wait until we go to australia to visit her & the fam. what a great shot,

finally, i decided to join the gym that i have been swimming at for the past week or so. im alittle nervous that i'll waste it, but i'm promising myself to make it at least 3 days a week & i think that is do-able and fair. i feel so much better when i do it, & i'm making the conscience effort to get a move on!

ps. oh! new iphone, when will you be here? i can't wait to switch!

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