Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"it was so easy & words so sweet"

today i had a meeting at butt thirty for work & it turned into a delightful, rain free day! the meeting was good & it was nice to see everyone after my vacation. (especially quesa b/c she was gone on vacation the week before & its been a whole 2 weeks since we've seen each other! we're ok now :) ) i baked some monkey bread for the meeting & sported my championship penguins shirt that i got in pittsburgh. the monkey bread was delicious, super easy to make, very virsitile and i can't wait till our nephew aidan gets older so i make this with him. (& of course with our own children, eventually)
*the recipe says to bake it for 30-35 mins, i think 40-45 is better, at least for my oven

after the meeting a few of us hit up a great thrift store in paterson & i snagged some great frames for the picture wall my dad & i are going to start. i'm excited because i was alittle overwhelmed at the prices of frames but i got some wonderful frames to start with. now i just need to finish printing the photos i want to showcase. ( the to do list is never ending! )

all these great frames for less than $20 bucks! i can't wait to hit up some more shops & cover my wall.

even with this face, mari could be one of the most beautiful people i know, inside & out. i love how she just wants to have fun & enjoy the day!

best sunglasses ever!

"penguins over dinner" -mari

so with my vacation almost at an end, i'm sad to report that i didn't get done nearly the amount of things i wanted to but "tomorrow is another day" (thanks mxpx). though i would not say this vacation was unsuccessful, because i did do ...

1. road trip to pittsburgh! yay pens!
2. played bingo with grandma b
3. went strawberry picking (blog coming soon, with recipes!)
4. made dinner & dessert almost every night
5. spent some time in the sun at the jersey shore with good company (it's not an east coast thing, its just what they call it, haha)
6. did the makeup for my friend's daughter's wedding (fun times!)
7. watched angels & demons
8. took several walks with my wonderful hubby
9. spent some quality time with the in-laws & aidan!
10. went to the city to see h2O with the jeff turner network
11. cleaned out the bedroom closet, one down, two to go! ( i now sleep better at night)
12. cleaned out the cars
13. donated bag of stuff to the goodwill
14. fell in love with the new regina specktor album

so with that little list i think its safe to say i had a very nice, produtive vacation & i can't complain. next up, a few days off while the folks are in town! can.not.wait.!

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Emma Krueger said...

I love Monkey Bread! It so easy to make and so delicious to eat! Yumm!