Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

today we are gonna hangout with the fam, have some burgers (rain or shine!) & enjoy baby aidan for a while. tonight pete & i are going to the city to see H2O with a few friends. it may or may not be at the new knitting factory but none the less it will be a good time. hardxcore show with turner, never a bad time!

i've made a promise to myself that i will take TONS of pictures while my folks are in town. i can not wait to see them and spend some quality time with them! but for now older picture will have to do.

i can't tell you how much my dad means to me. (i'm getting teary eye-ed jus thinking about it) he is always been there for me & always loves & supports me in whatever i may do. he is smart, gracious, funny, thoughtful, and always keeps me thinking! i love being around him & just enjoying his company. (even if he hogs the remote!) he never lets me drag on about the silly things in life (b/c i tend draaaagggg on) & he always has a listening ear with some helpful advice to follow. (sometimes unsolicited but its always what i need to hear) my folks are driving up in july for a week and i'm so excited i could burst! but i will hold back for now & share some pictures,
the pops & i
grandpa bob @ his best!
we rarely kiss on the cheek, but always head bunt

happy bob
my brother kelly with our beautiful niece, mary margaret. he is a wonderful daddy & she is a very lucky little girl.
pete's brother, dietz & our cutie pie nephew aidan. dietz is such an amazing dad & aidan is lucky to have him as a daddy as well!

happy father's day to all the great dads out there (& all the dad's to be!)
EDIT! i didn't mean to leave out pete & his pops, i just didn't have a picture of the two of them together, strangely. but i made good work on father's day and snapped one of them together.
like father like son, these two could be the chillest people i know. i sure did luck out with a great father in-law, and he isn't to shabby as a pops too!

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