Sunday, July 26, 2009

birthdays & rain

it's raining. i love the smell of the rain. there was even some lighting thrown in there & for a moment it felt like home. the other night bentlee & i were closing & we decided to go to chili's for some margarita's after work. it was that muggy but cool breeze you get right before a summer storm, the sky flickered with lighting, and the smell is just so soothing. i said to bentlee, it feels like the south & he understood exactly what i meant. he responded with "i loved sitting outside and watching the storm pass through" & it is so true. i use to sit outside in the garage with my dad, watching the lighting & reaching my hand out to feel the rain. the connection of "the south" me & bentlee have is a great comfort for me. its like being in this north east bubble with an alli, he is wonderful!

today is my brother, kelly's birthday! i always make a joke between my brothers of who is my favorite. but the best part of it all is that i will always be their favorite sister, thats the thing about being the only one! of course i don't have a favorite, but the best thing about growing up, and being a "grown up" is that my relationship between my brothers & i has turned into so much more than i could have ever imagine. i still suffer from little sister syndrome from time to time, but i feel so blessed to have them as my brothers. kelly & i never really grew up together, and we often go way to long from seeing & speaking to each other. even still, we have always had a closeness & a sense of respect for one another.

Happy Birthday Kelly! xoxo

july is a busy months for me & birthdays. this past friday was our nephew aidan's birthday. i can't believe he is actually one! its hard to believe that it has been a whole year.
for the party i made a cupcake stand with some red velvet cupcakes. i've been working on my piping and i was quite proud of how this turned out.
Happy First Birthday Aidan! xoxo

he is so cute! pete & i got to have some fun with aidan before the party started. he's alittle shy & since we don't get to see him as often as i like, i was excited that he was coming to us & playing more. it's so hard to believe he is one! its amazing how time flies and how much he has grown.

at the end of the week is my mama's birthday & then its august! like whoa!

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