Friday, July 24, 2009

ben ben ben

i always seem to start my post off this way, so why stray from the norm?! i should really be in bed right now. i'm not exhausted but i will surely be in the morning! but after seeing pete off to work, & enjoying a slice of red velvet cake (ok, it wasn't a slice, it was a cupcake) i started to listen to this one song over & over again.
music is a GIGANTIC part of my life. most people come home & turn on the tv, i come home & turn off the tv to put some tunes on. & when i am in love with a particular song at the moment i will play it over & over again. (poor pete haha) i wish i had a better way to share these songs with you, but i don't trust those music player things i found & youtube seems to work just fine. your browser is probably hating me, but i hope you take the time to listen to one or maybe even two of the songs i'm digging at the moment.

tonight, this is the song i have on loop. no words, just a beautiful piano. wish i could play!

lately, i've been on a ben kick, listening to all different artist but they all share the common name of ben. i've told pete before that i wanted to name our son (if we were to have one) ben because all of the musically talented bens out there but apparently his cousin has a son named ben & that would be strange (or so i was told). i personally don't really care because i've never met his cousin, but maybe he'll change his mind when the time comes :) anyways, on to the ben's ...

ben gibbard is the lead singer for death cab for cutie. now i realize that it's the whole band that makes the song, but i'm more than pretty sure he writes most of their stuff & he's also been the master mind behind numerous other project.

ben lee! how can you not love this aussie who sings with his accent. & his songs are catchy & feel good sing-a-longs.

this is ben lee doing a cover of a song about himself. the original song writer is chris rowe from the ataris, is not ben lee's biggest fan. you have to love how he doesn't take himself so seriously & just enjoys what he does.

& lastly, ben folds. this song was the song that pete & i had our first danced to at our wedding. it's a simple love song that for me really translate how i feel about pete & vice versa. again, gotta love the piano. (after our ceremony we walked back down the aisle to "love me like the world is ending" by ben lee, we love our bens!)

i know this might be alot to take in, but i hope you all enjoy these songs as much as i do. maybe even find a new favorite!

ok, now i'm tired. goodnight world!

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hampton said...

the ataris cover is f*cking awesome.