Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bon Appetit!

last night at work, while waiting for 6:30 to come along so i could head home. my friend (and manager), juanita asked if i wanted to go see a free preview of the new movie Julie & Julia. hell yeah! i wanted to see that movie when it came out & to see it for free was even better. if you don't know anything about it, it's based on the 2 true stories of Julia Childs & Julie Powell. of course you know, Julia Childs is a famous cook/tv personality & Julie Powell is a food blogger that decided to make every single recipe in Julia's cookbook for a year. it was super cute & had some good laughs. both Meryl Streep & Amy Adams were absolutely delightful in the movie. so i encourage all of y'all to go see it when it comes out. i'm sure all my blogger friends will enjoy it that much more!

now i must look up flight info like i promised my sister in law i would do. going home to texas in september! i can't wait! :)

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bethani said...

glad to know it was a good movie. can't wait to see it. I need some culinary motivation right now..

bekah said...

yes you should! it made me wanna cook through her cookbook too, although i don't want to make beef jello, ewwww!

hey i would love to see you while i'm in town, we're coming to texas sept 6th thru the 14th. let me know if you wanna get together!

bethani said...

yea beef jello probably would not be on my list of things to even put myself through, but hey i could totally be wrong about it..

yea that sounds great.. that would be very good to see you too, since its been ages. I've moved to grapevine (right down the street literally from the gaylord.) 682-225-1684 is my cell so just text me or something so when can figure something out...