Friday, July 31, 2009

happy birthday mama!

before july is over & august begins (can it really already be august?!) i need to say ...
happy birthday mama!

i feel so blessed to have such a wonderful mom. even though we don't always see eye to eye or at times think we are crazy, she is the best mother i could have ever asked for. my mom is the quite & reserved type, and of course i am not, i'm more the loud & eccentric type. (but most of y'all knew that) she is an amazing listener & always surprises me with her never ending wisdom. me & her have been through alot together, and as i get older our bond grows stronger. (despite the distance) it was so wonderful to spend time with her while they were up this month & i can't wait to see her in september! one month away!
don't be fooled, she might be reserved, but probably way more goofier than me. it had to come from some where!

love you, xoxo

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bethani said...

physical address my dear? between moving i have misplaced like everything in way of addresses, greeting cards, and all my stationary. :(