Saturday, July 11, 2009

for the lack of a better post

i was getting good there for awhile, posting often & what not but since then life has caught up with me & left my little ol' blog behind. but i have good reason to be gone! here are some snap shots of the past two weeks. (i love my camera phone, btw)

jen crane in town! it was so wonderful to see her & i hope she had just as much fun as i did!
whats a holiday without alittle baking from bekah, red, white, & blue pound cake with lemon glaze. (thank you for your help jen!)
after jen crane's departure :( along came bob & margaret! it was so much fun seeing my parents. can't wait to see them again in september!
a delayed 4th of july outting at my brother chris's house. my nephews, damien & keegan enjoying some sparkler time. i must say these kids could be the coolest that we've have met & hung out with to date.
i can't believe i did it, but i got bob & margaret to the city! we went to see the titanic exhibit in the city & even my dad wanted to go! i was shocked but so happy that they both decided to come. the exhibit was pretty amazing, alittle sad at times, but overall great.
lastly, update in the city with sean. on our lunch break we ran into the cupcake moblie! this is why i love new york. what a great idea! alittle pricey, but the fun of ordering cupcakes off a truck out ruled anything else.

so, not for nothing, good times have been had. 09' is proving to be a great summer!

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