Friday, July 17, 2009

five good things

its late & i really should be in bed. but i just had to share this. its a small printable booklet of 5 good things that you write down every day of the week. what a great idea! after a day of craziness at work, cars catching fire at the grocery store(true story!), & an intense (but wonderful) phone date with my anam cara (a.k.a hampton) i found this and i feel its something i need to do more often, to sit down each day and think about the good things. so often we forget what those things are & dwell on the crap ( i'm a big time dweller!) but tonight i won't, and hopefully less often in the future. soooo check it out! its free!

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Bethani said...
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Bethani said...

oh i love this book. its sooo awesome. im a big time dweller too, atleast once a day.. its killing my sanity slower...

thanks for posting this!

mispelled something and it drove me nuts :)