Monday, September 21, 2009

"it's not so complicated"

has it really been a month?! believe me, it's not for a lack of goings ons! it's just amazing how time has just zipped right on through to the end of september. where to begin?! ...

well, i finally did it. i convinced pete that i needed a blackberry. (like that, "i needed", b/c a new phone was not what i "needed" by any stretch, but hey, i'm only human) the truth is that his phone was on its last leg, and getting the blackberries for the both of us turned out to be a really good deal. (thank you ups!) i really love having it, and i am so happy that pete loves it too. i was alittle nervous that he wouldn't like it but he loves getting his sport updates, and playing texas holdem'. whew.
so pretty : )

since my last update we have been to texas and back again. it has been 2 years since i had been home, and man it was good to be back. everything has changed so much but at the same time it still felt just how i'd left it. we spent some quality time with old friends, and amazing family. we played alot of phase10, a little poker, and learned how to play mille bornes (grandma didn't like that game as much) i got to spend a good amount of time with my good friends tommy & crystal and their new little boy, zane. (baby fever!) we visited south oaks, got rained out at the ranger game, made some new friends at a charity cocktail party & baked! over all the trip was great, we didn't get much rest but it was a vacation well spent. here are some pictures in no particular order & i made them small so it doesn't blow up your internet connection. click to enlarge!
how sweet is he! he feel asleep on my chest & that alone made my heart melt.

he is a good baby, tommy & crystal lucked out. i hope pete & i are just as lucky!

tommy enjoying fatherhood. in the second picture zane looks like an old man or just like dr. dan (his grandfather)

the rain out ranger game, even though we didnt get to watch a game, we had a good time.

pete & my dad, and then pete & i at the ranger game.

grandma b & mama at the dallas world aquarium (which was awesome!) and then me & mama at the ranger game

some baked goods! easy cinnamon rolls & carrot cake. i also made homemade pancakes, & a lemon cake that didn't turn out so good. any baked good that calls for cake flour just never turns out well for me, so i'm over cake flour.

hampton & i in awe of the rear end of the mannequin at forever21.

i have some more pictures but i think i'll save those for a facebook album. i didn't take as many pictures as i would have liked but i say that everytime. i can't believe we have been home for a week now. sometimes going back to reality just plain stinks!

while we were in texas, pete & i celebrated our 2 year anniversary. 2 years, whoa! now i know that is no milestone but with the ups & downs we've had in those 2 years its nice to be here. even with the craziness we have gone through, i am so glad to be here with him. i don't think anyone else could ever handle either of us : ) love you, baybeh xoxo

hmm, i'm starting to lose focus on all the goings ons. but i think i nailed down the important things. i have some projects that i am working on, and also some great recipes to share! (of course once i attempt them) i'm loving the days as they get cooler & cooler. it's going to be a great end of the year. i can feel it!

tomorrow night pete & i are gonna go see face to face in the city. can't wait!
it was nice to update, we'll do this again soon!

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