Wednesday, September 23, 2009

birthdays & brownies

first ...

Happy Birthday Pete!
this picture was taken when we first started dating, and we were camera whores. (thats what long distance does to you!) but we are still as goofy as ever!

so happy birthday to the one that loves me no matter what, accepts me just like i am, and never ceases to make me laugh! i love you, pete!

last night, pete & i went to go see face to face in nyc & without a doubt we had an amazing time. between singing along with the crowd, the lovely waitress at the all-night diner, & the great breeze through the city last night, we couldn't have planned it any better if we tried!

for his birthday i made some simply wonderful brownies (by recommendation of alvin) when i had attempted the black beans brownies (which turned out awful, probably more of my fault than the recipe's) pete begged me never to follow a brownie recipe ever again and just go with the box stuff. of course i didn't listen & wanted to prove him wrong! so i made this super simple, almost one bowl brownie recipe. the only thing i changed was the addition of white chocolate (his fave!)
i have redeemed myself & i am now allowed to try out more brownie recipes if i so choose! now go out and make some yummy brownies for your loved one's birthday, they'll appreciate it, promise!

lastly & again ...

Happy Birthday Pete! thank you for always being the one, xoxo

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