Saturday, May 16, 2009

happy birthday daddy!

i'm almost outta time, but i wanted to post a uick blog for my dad's birthday. the sad thing about this blog, is that while searching for a picture, i realized i don't have any recent picture of him and that is something i will have to remedy when he is up here in july. but for now, wedding pictures will have to do.
so happy birthday to the most amazing father anyone could ask for! i love you.!
my dad & i have always had this thing where we bump heads instead of a kiss on the cheek. it started when i was a little girl & he tried to teach me how to give eskimo kisses, but instead i just banged my head against his, haha, but over time i've become alittle more gentle about it, & i love that we have this special little thing that lets each other know that we love each other.

i do believe that my very first memory as a kid is of him. standing in the doorway with a box of pizza & a long white jacket on (very 80's). i remember thinking that my mom invited the pizza man in, fun! i wish i could photograph the image in my head when i think of that moment. i'm so glad my mom invited the pizza man in that day, because i couldn't imagine my life without him.
happy birthday daddy!


lastly, before i go to bed & because i must get to bed soon! tomorrow i'm doing the AIDS Walk in NYC. most of my crew from work will be there & i'm excited to spend the day with them (rain or shine!) and support a good cause. mac is a huge supporter in helping men, women, and children living with or effected by aids, and i love that i work for a company that is really decated to bettering the lives of people. wish us luck tomorrow, and pray the rain will subside for a while!

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