Friday, May 22, 2009

happy birthday grandma b!

i know i tweeted a few hours ago that i secretly love the summer, but right now i'm not loving it so much. its hot! & i realize that i have a lower tolerance to the heat than most but the way people are about the cold, i'm about the heat. another part of the problem is that some how new jersey missed the boat on central air & having the little window units just sucks up alot more energy & makes the electric bill redunkulious so, we keep it to the bedroom. (because who can really sleep when they're hot & sweaty?!?! & not in the good way! ewww!) as of right now im a tad uncomfortable in this heat, which will only get worse & i'm ready for the fall again ... moving on!

today is grandma b's birthday! 84 & kickin' it! this morning i brought over some flowers & lemon poppy seed muffins (my favorite, mmm) & enjoyed some quality time with her. she really is so much fun for me. i love listening to her stories, and could let her talk all day. she isn't one of those grandma's that just go on & on, she is interesting, maybe alittle repetitive, but always fun! i feel so blessed to have her in my life and have this chance to really get to know her. i didn't really grow up around any of my grandparents, & never really understood the bond that so many people talked about. now i get it, now i have a bond like that & i couldn't be happier!
why my head looks so gigantic, i dont know

always so classy. how i wish i lived in these times!

i saw this the other day & i MUST own one!
it's the piece to my cupcake saturdays that i'm missing. it holds 36 cupcakes, which is more than enough for everyone at work & so much easier than carrying all the tin trays in! everyone has been dying for me to make the margarita cupcakes again but i haven't been in the mood lately. (partly because i dont want to eat them, its starting to show :( ) maybe next weekend if pete lets me order this!

must go cool off!

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Bethani said...

booo on the heat and no central air... i feel for ya.

hopefully NJ will get the memo at some point.. doubtful but hopefully :)

and the cupcake carrying cases = AMAZING!