Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"turn it up, i never wanna go home"

doesn't this picture just make you wanna take a road trip to the nearest ocean?! i've seen this on a few blogs that i follow, & the more i see it the more i love it! photographer -- Anna Wolf.
i'm hoping this summer that pete & i will take more trips to the jersey shore. it sounds kinda strange, but being that i'm not from jersey, the shore is always exciting for me!

how stinkin' cool are these litter boxes from ModKat! they're alittle pricey but i might just have to splurge on the kids. our apartment isn't to small but small enough to not have enough room for everything and i think one these colorful little boxes would be perfect for our cats. it will saves some space & make the litter box area alittle more appealing.

one of my goals for my week of vacation in june is to start hanging some of our frames & pictures. i order 2 great frames off etsy and i'm excited to get them up! we've lived in this apartment for 2 years and barely have any thing on the wall (we thought we wouldn't be here this long, ha! working on year #3) if i don't do anything else, let me get this done!

off to switch places with the petey pie & get some sleep. today was good.!

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Bethani said...

those litter boxes are awesome.. and then i saw what you meant about the price..

hopefully, maybe, cross our fingers, they will come down in price quickly.