Monday, June 01, 2009

now the q key works

can it really be june?!?! every time i would write the date on a return at work i would say to myself "is it really may something" and now its june! way to fly by 2009!

i didn't plan on posting anything because i thought i was tired, BUT i have stumbled upon some amazing finds that i just had to share ...

as soon as i saw this i told pete i needed it. he of course didn't see the purpose, but thought it was cute because it said do work (something we say all the time "D.W. - Do Work") its from the etsy shoppe twoguitars ... but don't even think about buying it before me, after this post, it's mine! haha he also has some other really beautiful prints, so i'm sure you'll be able to find something you love just as much. i can't wait to write all my to-do list in it.

i have been debating on getting a iphone for quite a while now but since i have verizon & really i think ultimately i would get more use outta a blackberry (i might just get both, i wish), this app could be another check mark on the reasons to get an iphone. its an app from sherwin-williams, you can upload an image, find a paint color you want, and the coordinating colors. how fun! the rumor is that they will realize a new iphone this summer so i'm going to hold out. but i wish verizon didn't pass on the iphone, life would be so much simpliar right now, at least when i need to pick out paint colors.

& 3rd
the best thing about june, is that it's strawberry season! there is a local farm by dietz's house (the bro-in-law) that lets you go out into the fields and pick your own strawberries. when i first moved to jersey, dietz had just got some & i think i ate every single one (haha great first impression bek) but they were so juicy, fresh, and delicious. ever since then i have wanted to go strawberry picking in june but some how over the past 4 years june comes & goes, & i'm strawberry-less. not this year! i will make it out there this month, even if i go on my own!

time to wash the face, brush the teeth, and hit the hay! gonna wake up early, call hampton & do work!

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Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your retro style and am going to spend hours reading up on your blog.