Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Let's Go Pens!

hockey was never a sport i knew much about, because lets face it i'm from texas & even though we have the dallas stars, it was never a sport that was watched or talked about while growing up. but soon after pete & i started dating that changed completely. he is a HUGE hockey buff. can name pretty much any player and pronounce the crazy russian names as if it was his second language. he loves the sport and i can't help but be drawn into the excitement he has for it and cheer on his favorite team & players. so you can imagine how crazy our little apartment was when the pittsburgh penguins ( pete's favorite time & of course now mine) won the stanley cup! i think i might have been even more excited then he was, because i was jumping around & screaming like the crazy woman that i am! on sunday, us & a few friends drove out to pittsburgh for the parade on monday, probably one of the best days/trip to date!
some pictures from our adventure -- go here if you want to see them all

the massive crowd! grandma b later told me that there were 375,000 ppl there
pete, the hardXcore penguin fan!
marc-andre fluery & sidney crosby with the stanley cup!
the whole crew from jersey!

it was such a good trip & i'm so glad that we decided to go. i couldn't have asked for a better time with better people!

i haven't forgotten my promise to make one new recipe a week. last week i posted about the black bottom cupcakes, and boy were they yummy! mmmmmm! i could have made these all day every day. i think this could be my favorite chocolate cake batter, it was so light, fluffy, & delicious. ( i consumed a mad amount of raw egg when i made these )
they were a big hit at work, and the aroma was just amazing. this week i'll be making more things because i am on vacation. i'm looking forward to making some of these recipes i have on file. this morning i made a quick yogurt parfait. i am the queen of asking pete to go pick us up a bagel or something, but this morning i was good and made good work of my strawberries, and left over yogurt.
it was just as tasty as it looks, just less blurry :)

well our trip to pittsburgh was a great start to my va-cay, and here is to getting some good cooking done as well! (maybe even clean out our closets *crosses fingers*) oh! & strawberry picking, june isn't over yet!

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Emma Krueger said...

I love that you like to try a new recipe every week. I love to bake and I am going to try to get some good baking in next weekend, since my weekends are quickly running short! What is one of your favorites, I want to try it out!

bekah said...

i have to say my favorite as of now is the black bottom cupcakes. they are sweet but not overly sweet, and i think they would work well as breakfast muffins too!

also, i just made this strawberry cake and pete loved it! it was super easy and i thought it looked really pretty. again it isnt overly sweet & i used the fresh strawberries, so gooood!

i also make alot of red velvet cupcakes w/cream cheese icing, i'll post that recipe if you want!

let me know how it goes! :)

bekah said...

oh! & with the black bottom cupcakes i used cream cheese instead of goat cheese, i liked the cheesecakey-ness of it better.

hand.pecked said...

Oh my god, dem Pens Fans are everywhere. I'm such a hockey widow thanks to Leroy. Is Pete from Pittsburgh as well?