Wednesday, June 10, 2009

your love has come to late

sometimes, i just feel really pathetic. sigh.

moving on to awesomeness ...
well this isn't so awesome, but i finally made the "amazing black bean brownies", but unfortunately they we not so "amazing". i can't help but feel that maybe i messed something up & i really don't want to admit to that. the recipe calls for coffee grounds and surprisingly that is all i can taste, and it doesn't taste good. i may have to give it another go, but pete begged me to just make regular brownies from a box! haha at least he is honest. luckily, i will surely redeem myself with these tasty cupcakes,
- Black Bottom Cupcakes w/Goat Cheese -

i'll be making them for my managers birthday, but i'm gonna go for cream cheese instead of the goat cheese, for alittle more cheesecake likeness. yum!

i always struggle with my "to do's" ( for the most part, i think we all do) & i came across these lovely chalkboards,

i've debated on purchasing this but i might just have to steal the idea and make my own. sometimes i under estimate my crafting ability (laziness is such a curse!) & i think this will be a fun project to work on.

next week i have vacation & i'm looking forward to getting some necessary & fun things done. but at the top of the list is going strawberry picking and then making some great things from pickings.


this pretty much sums me up at the moment.
( found here )

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Pascha said...

those cupcakes look awesome!
and i think making that board sounds like fun! i have been meaning to make some boards to put stuff like letters and pictures on!
hope you are doing well bekah!

Emma Krueger said...

I have thought about doing something like this in my kitchen for the weekly menu that I plan out before I go grocery shopping. Please post pics if you create one so I can see how you do it! your blog is beautiful by the way!