Wednesday, June 03, 2009

live to eat or eat to live

i know that i keep saying i am blog obsessed but its true! (just ask pete, he'd tell ya) but the more i keep reading the more and more i find all these other amazing blogs. i've never utilized my bookmarks so much in my life until now. i blame hampton, she introduced me to DesignCrush, and it all went down hill from there.

the thing i take away from these jewels on the internet is the inspiration to make my "real" life more thoughtful and fun! after getting married and starting our home, i have taken to my kitchen like a fish to water. i never minded cooking but now that i have my own kitchen, something just clicked and i love it! (aside from doing dishes) unfortunately, i don't cook/bake as much as i would like and i really think that stems from a lack of inspiration. now, through my obsessive blog hunting i have found some amazing recipes that i want to try out. my goal is to try one new recipe a week. no matter what it is i want to try something new. i feel this goal is do-able and a great way to be productive & creative. (maybe even alittle more healthier)

i found this printable calendar for the month of june & i'm going to mark all the recipes that i want to try each week, just to keep track! (download & print it for free here)

here are some of the recipes that i added to my list ...

of course i'm more drawn to the sweets/baking recipes but i have a few savory ones i'm excited to try. all these recipes were found at 101 Cookbooks. she has an abundance of recipes & i love how she writes so clever.

i think the first one i'm going to try is the black bean brownies, they look so moist & fudgy! i also can't wait to try them out on my co-workers! my brother in law will probably love them as well, he has a thing for black beans. i'll let you know how it all turns out!

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lindsay said...

you are blogging more than me these days, i love it!! i am glad to have contributed to your new obsession! 101 cookbooks is an awesome site, she posts really unique recipes. now that you are blog obsessed, i am gonna have to go through all of my bookmarked blogs and show them to you. and also, we should still start our private blog where i can update you with the new gossip each day!