Tuesday, July 21, 2009

homesick texan

remember a while ago i said i would make a new recipe each week?! well even though i haven't blogged alot about it since, i have kept to my promise. i couldn't decide which recipe to share first so i just randomly picked this one ...

few weeks ago was my friend sean's birthday & he said i could test a new recipe so i tested the texas sheet cake. oddly enough being from texas i've never heard of this recipe until my dear friend jen crane told me all about it. i found a recipe off of one of my favorite cooking blogs & deciced this would be good for my baker friend.

the finished yum cake!
& as you can tell it was a huge hit at work.
marixa couldn't get enough of it! unfortunately i didnt get a chance to get a picture with the birthday boy. but i guarantee that he loved it just as much!
(i love the pink lipstick that is sitting next to the cake in this photo, its so mac)

-- Texas Sheet Cake --
the lady that writes the blog is so clever in how she describes this cake & i agree with her 100%

so thanks to jen crane for sharing the wonder that is texas sheet cake & i will be helping your mom make these for your wedding in greece! & happy birthday to my sweet sweet friend sean!

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jendarrah said...

yay! looks good!! miss you lots!