Wednesday, August 12, 2009

bella vs. sookie

ok, ok, ok. so maybe i'm alittle behind on the whole twilight gig & alittle ashamed that i've jumped on the hype bandwagon, but i can't help it, i love it! i've finally finished the whole series, and while i was slightly disappointed with "Breaking Dawn", overall i really enjoyed the books. they were super easy reads & kept me entertained, to where i would spent 5 straight hours reading at a time. (maybe i'm just easily entertained!)

i'm excited for the release of "New Moon" in november & "Eclipse" in june 2010. liquesa and i have already set up a date for us to go see it! (we've been twilight buddies at work) but if you haven't read them & you enjoy a good love story, along with some good mystery you should check them out. i know some of you out there are closet fans! it's alright, let it be know! : )

between reading the twilight series, i picked up on the "Sookie Stackhouse Series". if you haven't heard about it, i'm sure you've heard of the hbo show, "True Blood" (which is soooo good! anna paquin is great!) the show is based off the 8 novels & both are extremely entertaining! a group of us at work are obsessed with the show & talk about it all time.

i've read some talk that stephanie meyers (author of twilight) ripped off charlaine harris (author of the sookie stackhouse books). while there are quite alot of similarities between the books, overall the stories are very different & both enjoyable for different reasons.

this little vampire kick i've been on has been a fun mindless getaway for me (mostly on my lunch breaks at work) & i'm excited to finish the rest of the sookie books eventually.

so, get to reading people! & watch true blood, you won't be disappointed! (unless you're my mom, she wouldn't like it to much! haha)

BTW i'm not quite sure if i will be dvr-ing the new cw show "The Vampire Diaries". but i can't say that i am not slightly intrigued. of course its got pretty much the same plot as twilight & true blood, alittle mix of both it seems. so who knows, we'll see! fringe & heroes comes back in september, now that is worth watching!

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hi,great site! i'm watching too "True Blood" here in Italy and is so cool! if u get time u may like to read my dark poems at and to see where i live at . they are in italian but u can use translator for both of them. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I finally saw Twilight the other night, and I wasn't that impressed. It didn't make me want to jump on the Twilight bandwagon with both feet just yet. However, the girls I was watching it with told me I should read the books first. So, hopefully I'll be getting the first book from my friend so I can see what this whole mess is about! Haha!

ashley lee... said...

i love love love twilight...i'm not ashamed!!!