Monday, September 28, 2009

"the truth is i'm to tired to play pretend"

i have stumbled upon a 4 day weekend! ( a weekend for a the retail employed ) although i could have used this time for a greater purpose, i will not look a gift horse in the mouth (whatever that means) & use this time wisely.

by using my time wisely, what i really mean is wandering the interwebs (which has been slow) for pretty pictures and inspiration for things i really, really want to try. so in order to justify the 2+ hours (now 3+ because of posting this!) i have logged in tonight, i am sharing with you all that i have found. (well mostly all of it)

how sexy is this tattoo?! i wish i was badass enough to have this tattoo and to have thought of it first!

like any good american, i have fallen under that pressure of consumerism & enjoy ordering over priced lattes from starbucks from time to time. especially in the chilly fall/winter weather, ordering a pumpkin spice latte & a slice of pumpkin bread can make anyones day, mmmmmmm. but now i can bust out my little coffee maker & make my own!
btw, i am not a coffee drinker generally but i love these.

i really just love the look of this photo, and the feeling it gives me. its so classic. i don't think i'll ever grow tired of over sized sunglasses & dark nail polish. this blog is filled with amazing photographs, it was largely the reason i have spent so much time on the computer tonight.

have you ever heard of the term "ikea hacked"? well neither did i until tonight! but since i saw this post on re-vamping a dresser purchased at ikea (oddly enough pete & i took a day trip there today, love that store), i've been inspired to do the same. then of course i had to look up "ikea hacked" and i found this delightful blog on doing just that! we are in despressed need of some quality storage, that looks nice, and is fairly inexpensive ( i'm so tired of looking at plastic bins). obviously, you can go purchase some unfinished wood furinture & do this same thing, but this post really got my wheels turning!

pete & i love our chewy bars. most of our shopping adventures to the pathmark include the purchase of at least 2 boxes of chewy bars. but after seeing this post, i clearly need to start making my own. its super easy & so much healthier.

lastly, this find comes from pete. why pete was browsing the beauty blogs this morning is beyond me, (hahahahaha) but he came across the perfect chair for my freelance makeup work! because of his find, we made a trip up to the ikea by us to check out the chair and if it would really work. its perfect & i'm excited to have a back pain free wedding.

it's amazing how far the internet has come. you have given me so much oh! lovely internet. thank you <3

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