Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Penguin Pride

i know i have talked about this before but just in case you didnt know ... pete is a huge hockey fan, especially a pittsburgh penguins fan. over the years that we have been together i have fallen in love the with game, and now i am proud to call myself a penguins fan too! the best thing about penguins is that they are so darn cute!

here are some examples,
Sidney Crosby & Evgeni Malkin
(Malkin is cute in that dopey russian sorta way)

not that you can't read, but this is the championship ring the penguins received for winning the stanley cup this year. i think it is rather impressive, alittle much for my taste, but it has a cute quality to it. (haha i am sure thats exactly what the players would say, "cute")

showing some penguin pride at the parade back in june.

these iphone/blackberry cases are insanely adorable. I found these in this delightful Etsy shop, SydneyAngel
(i need to invest in a sewing machine so i can make my own)

i have been searching for something to carry my business cards in and i think i may have found it. i really love this card carrying case. apparently the image of the penguins is a picture taken of some artwork in subway train station in nyc. i've already begun planning a sunday afternoon that pete & i can go on this little adventure. (he doesnt know it yet)

"Penguins Over Dinner"
mari & i spotted this at a thrift store not to long ago. i wish i purchased it when i saw it. so random & cute.

these little guys we saw at the dallas world aquarium we visited while we were on vacation. you'll have to have hampton share her story about these penguins one day!

hockey starts at 3pm on thursday! you can imagine the excitement around our house. last week i ordered the hockey package & ive enjoyed watching some of the pre-season games. here is to a great season! let's go pens!

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hand.pecked said...

I am NOT a sporty person but Judd is from Pittsburgh and I now work with an office full of Pittsburghers so I now follow hockey too!

Have you seen these ar the G-20 protests? We have been in stitches laughing so hard about them crazy Pens Fans.

PS - Does Pete follow the Pens Blog?


bekah said...

ok, that could be the funniest thing! i loved how the news guy giggles when he sees the "lets go pens" banner. classic!

pete isn't much of a blogger, but i know he follows all the fantasy blogs for his teams.

i spent the other day reading the blogspot for sidney crosby, i'm obsessed! i'm alittle bummed that i am closing tonight at work and will miss the first penguins game tonight and the raising of the banner. i'm gonna have to get pete to dvr it for me : )